The launch announcement that wasn’t supposed to be announced concerns two new budget Moto smartphones released by T-Mobile July 27th. A leak by T-Mobile showcases the Moto E5 and Moto E5 Plus, both are expected to be under $200 and will be available at the end of the week.

While the price has yet to be confirmed, but we’re fully expecting the Moto E5 to come in around $100 while the E5 Plus which will be a larger version to come in around $200.

T-Mobile Releasing the Moto E5 and E5 Plus for Under $200 July 27th

The specs of both phones have yet to be disclosed but expect to see dual cameras and comparable specs of a traditional budget-friendly smartphone.

Both the Moto E5 and Moto G6 series have been confusing since their debuts. Some variants have been geo specific while others carrier specific, and no one has been able to follow the release of either.

Both the Moto E5 and Moto E5 Plus are expected to be carrier releases through T-Mobile. If interested, check out the T-Mobile website July 27th for more through this link.