T-Mobile users sporting a Galaxy Note 5 are one of the last one’s to get their first sight of Android’s newest operating system, Nougat. We’ve finally just received through a tweet by T-Mobile executives suggesting Nougat will finally roll-out to the Note 5 over the next couple of days.

The tweet came out April 21st which stated during the coming week which will be over the next couple of days, and marks the newest Galaxy Note still-standing to receive Android 7.0. The OTA update will be delivered in standard fashion and will be best to download over Wi-Fi as it’s a bigger download.

T-Mobile Users Sporting a Galaxy Note 5 to Get Android 7 Nougat - Find Out When

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Android 7.0 Update will bring with it some long-awaited features such as TouchWiz, better multitasking capabilities, better battery usage options, improved keyboard, and a whole lot more.

As of now, it’s uncertain how large the file will be, but be sure to take the necessary precautions before you update including backing up your sensitive information. Once we see the update first-hand, we’ll be sure to update you more.