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LG Nexus 5X Specs Leaked Ahead of the September 29th Unveiling

Here in a few days Google is expected to unveil both new Nexus smartphones to the whole world, and just before the unveiling the specs are leaked on the Nexus 5X. LG and Huawei are the manufacturers who will be launching the new Nexus handsets...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 23rd, 2015
Confirmed; Google Media Event September 29th Launching LG and Huawei Nexus Handsets

Google confirmed the press event that many of us have been waiting for as September 29th looks to the day of multiple, huge announcements. There are huge expectations for Google’s latest unveilings that are expected to announce not one, but...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 20th, 2015
LG Nexus 5X Specs Include 5.2" Display, Qualcomm 808 SoC, and a Mint Green Color Option

With Google partnering with both LG and Huawei on their new Nexus 5 flagship which are both expected to be made official in a couple of weeks, the rumors are coming in on what to expect. It seems like the LG version of the new handset will be...

By Scott Baxter on Sep 16th, 2015