Since the demise of the Galaxy Note 7 there has been a lot of speculation on the return of the Note concept. The Note 7 was the first smartphone to be considered the best and worst launch in the same year, in fact, it distinguished this in the same week. Samsung managed to release the most advanced smartphone ever made, until the first one went up in flames.

This leads us to the latest word suggesting the Galaxy Note 8 concept is not dead and will return as the 8th installment of the Phablet. Now, with the S8 looking down on the rest of the world, it’s time to shift our focus to Samsung’s next installment in the Note series.

Those who Thought the Galaxy Note Concept Was Dead, Think Again

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Sport Dual Rear Cameras

One of the latest rumors suggest Samsung will be the first to release a smartphone with dual rear cameras. The latest leaks come straight from Korea and would top the rear camera in both the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 and would be the first of its kind. Information suggest Apple will be looking to do the same with the iPhone 8 which will launch weeks later which gives Samsung the upper hand.

Other Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera features on the rear include a 3x optical zoom, 12 MP wide-angle CIS, and 13 MP telephoto CIS.

If the above hold true we’ll agree the Galaxy Note 8 concept is far from over as it’ll easily be one of the best smartphones in 2017.