Twitter has become highly successful in doing what they do best, but they’ve seen a steady decline in revenue with stiff competition with the likes of Snapchat, Spotify, and many others. Over the years, they’ve yet to see a decline in revenue from the quarter before, but this is expected to change for Q1 in 2017 when the financials are released later today.

Today’s announcement from Twitter reveals they intend to offer 24/7 live video streaming in the coming months. Twitter is hoping video streaming will help make them an all-inclusive platform where people would consider to go for up to date news and other real-time information which would help them capitalize on their large user base.

Twitter Turns to Live Video Streaming to Turn-Around 1st Ever Revenue Decline

With the decline of Twitter users in recent quarters, they have become intent on offering streaming services for sports, news, and entertainment as a means of generating more revenue. This would also give them more opportunities to integrate more ads unlike other social media services.

As of now, there’s no official date for the streaming services to be in full swing, but as we expect to see a decline in revenue from Q4 of 2016 we don’t imagine it’ll be long.