When talking about home virtual assistants, there are only two worth mentioning. Amazon’s Alexa has easily been one of the most talked about and feature rich virtual home assistants, but now that Google Home is now available in markets such as the UK consumers are starting to take notice.

The UK Google Home version boasts the same great features as other markets, and if you’re one of the many who have recently picked one up you’re probably missing out on some really cool stuff. Sure, Google Home talks to you and even offers a personalized response, but I bet you didn’t know some of the following which takes home virtual assistance to a whole new level.

UK Google Home - 5 Things You May Not Have Known About Google's Virtual Assistant

  1. Turns Your Home into a Smart Home – One of the biggest trends in home technology is turning a home into a Smart Home. With such peripherals such as Google Home at the helm, you can easily control other aspects within your house such as the lights, temperature, and other things that are plugged into a smart socket.
  2. Order a Pizza – Simple commands can be controlled through Google Home by linking to many of your accounts which can be done through Settings > More Settings > Services. Ordering a pizza and even calling a cab through Uber are now as simple as saying so.
  3. Personalize Conversations with Your Name – One of the biggest Google Home updates now takes home personalization to a whole new level. Your virtual assistant will now call you by name with the update just hitting the US and expected to hit other markets such as the UK and Europe in the coming months.
  4. Add Multiple Users with Voice Activated Services – Multiple users can be added to the same Google Home account which are all individually controlled by voice. In a matter of seconds, your assistant will know your voice and anyone else connected to it fully adding to the experience.
  5. Locate Your Missing Phone – By interfacing with an app called IFTTT you can easily find your phone if it’s lost. By simply saying “OK Google, find my phone,” an alert will go off on your phone alarming you of its whereabouts.

Of course there are hundreds if not thousands more things you can do with Google Home, but you’ll have to take one for a test drive if you really want to find out.