LG did it right when they announced the UK launch of the LG G6 just ahead of the Galaxy S8 by 4 days which will help bolster sales, but it won’t be enough. The LG G6 is set to launch across 30 European countries including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France days before the S8 and S8 + debuts in the same markets where most believe will easily be the better buy.

The UK LG G6 release date comes as no surprise which was presumably set to try and strategically garner them  a bit of thunder from Samsung’s upcoming flagships. Any other month, the G6 would have been a welcomed addition by consumers, but when you’re launching alongside a smartphone that’s as close to perfect as we’ve seen it’s easy to believe the doubters.

UK LG G6 Release Date April 24 Along with 29 Other European Countries

The LG G6 does pack some pretty impressive specs which include 5.7-inch QHD+ display which will feature Full Vision technology. You’ll also see dual 13 MP primary cameras, waterproof rating of IP68, and the highly regarded Google Assistant will come pre-installed.

Those who have already pre-ordered the LG G6 across Europe should see it arrive a day early as we’ve heard that shipments have already underway. The £699 price in the UK is comparable to the €749 price throughout Europe.