Xiaomi has become the world’s 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer which is astounding considering they’ve yet to penetrate the largest market and many more throughout Europe. The Chinese start-up is synonomous in many parts of the world throughout Asia and the middle East, but are still an unknown in other parts of the world including the US, Canada, and UK.

For the past few years there have been numerous rumors suggesting Xiaomi would enter into other markets in North America and Europe, but as we all know this has yet to happen. While some believe this eventually happen with some suggesting a Xiaomi Mi7 launch on the world’s largest stages is a distinct possibility.

What Would a US Xiaomi Launch Do to Apple and Samsung in the World's Largest Smartphone Market

Xiaomi has become a household name in some of the largest markets in the world including China and India where they have over-taken such names as Apple and Samsung. No one knows what a US Xiaomi launch would do to the 2 largest smartphone manufacturers, but one things for sure is it would bring about stiffer competition that may just tip the balance.

Xiaomi has become well-known  for introducing Apple-like smartphones for about 1/2 the cost, and in consumer minded markets such as the UK and US they’re likely to turn some heads. With the Xiaomi Mi6 just announced last week with striking resemblances to the iPhone 7 with the obvious difference of the price.

The Chinese start-up has made quite a name for themselves expanding into 30 markets throughout the world in just 6 years. Where they haven’t gone yet includes North America and most of Western Europe which leaves us to say it’s only a matter of time.