For those looking to get in on the world’s largest carrier, you’ve probably noticed Verizon has been lacking on prepaid unlimited plans, until now. Verizon just announced their new prepaid unlimited plan which gives you truly unlimited talk, text, and data for $80.

At first sight, the $80 price tag may seem steep and we tend to agree. What does your $80 give you? Well, for starters you get the best cell and mobile service on the world’s largest carrier which gives you the best chance for connectivity to 4G LTE networks worldwide with great speed and amazing reliability.

Verizon Launched an Unlimited Plan for $80/Month, Find Out Why it's Over-Priced

The new unlimited plan allows you send and receive text from 200 countries including Mexico and Canada which is a great option for those who have families in other countries or plan on traveling anytime soon. If this isn’t you, than the $80/month for unlimited is way over-priced, especially considering other carriers such as Boost offer the same unlimited plan for $30 less.

There are some drawbacks that Verizon doesn’t exactly come out and tell you such as HD video streaming as this unlimited plan only streams in 480p. Data may also be prioritized to subscribed users during peak times of the day leaving you with much slower speeds which may make you feel like a second-rate user.

Of course, this isn’t exactly found on their home page as you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom and check out the fine print.

If you’re interested or want to check out more, head on over to their official website and compare all Verizon prepaid plans to see if they’re right for you.