Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of speculation when Xiaomi would be entering markets in North America and Western Europe, but after a recent confirmation we know we’re still a couple of years off. Xiaomi executives confirmed they’re likely to be heading to markets including the US, UK, Canada, and other Western European countries, but 2019 would be the earliest.

This leads us to speculate the Xiaomi Mi8 could be the first smartphone to enter the US which would be long overdue. Xiaomi has been a huge hit, but has seen a steady decline in recent years with overall sales in China while they’ve slipped to the 5th spot with Huawei reclaiming the top spot.

Xiaomi Confirms 2019 To Be the Earliest to Launch in the US, UK, Canada, and Other European Markets

No one knows why Xiaomi is taking so long to enter into other markets, especially considering the dwindling sales in their home country and the success they’ve had in other markets including India. Introducing smartphones that are comparable in specs with others at a fraction of the the cost could mean big things for a consumer that’s looking for more.

Much of the hesitation could be with the markets itself. US, UK, Canada, and other Western European markets are well-known for having consumers who don’t mind spending money which typically over-shadow budget friendly handset.

Samsung and Apple have locked up the top two spots in the US which would make it difficult for Xiaomi to claim much of the market share. We’re expecting huge things with the Xiaomi Mi8 which is expected to launch in Q2 of 2019 which just may make it’s way to the US.